In a world where Forrest Gump is a hero and books for dummies are best-sellers, is there still room for smart people?

You bet there is!

Let us train you in advanced thinking techniques that will improve your memory, concentration, creativity, logic and problem solving skills.

We currently offer the following four memory courses :

Memory for Students: Designed for high school, college, and university students wishing to increase their chances of succeeding, this course teaches how to memorize large quantities of scholarly material quickly and efficiently. It shows you how to maximize your memory skills so that you can get the most out of your College and University investment. It is very easy to flunk a course. It is also very costly to do so. Protect your investment by taking the Memory For Students memory course.

Memory for Parents: Designed for parents wishing to positively intervene in their children’s memory development, this seminar offers a practical approach to memory development. Our goal is to provide the elements needed in order for parents to effectively participate in the growth of their children's mental development. To do this we have provided a combination of theory, techniques, tools and material that we encourage the parent to use. By the end of the seminar you will know how to positively influence your children's memory development.

Memory Techniques: Learn how to quickly memorize facts, long lists, dates, names and faces, appointments, presentations, numbers, exam material, playing cards, passwords, job codes and much more.

Memory for Numbers: Learn the techniques used by memory experts to memorize entire phone books, memorize a deck of cards, beat memory records, do memory demonstrations. Impress your friends and family with amazing memory feats. This intensive training will transform the way you learn.